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Based on the ongoing turmoil in the United Methodist Church conference, Brooksville First’s Church Council has directed the formation of a subcommittee to gather information, both from the UMC and the congregation, concerning the disaffiliation process, and to make a recommendation on whether or not Brooksville First should formally enter the disaffiliation process.

This page of resources is intended to educate the church and provide information about the current status of the UMC, the issues and concerns involved, the disaffiliation process and impacts, and differences between how the church would look and operate if we decide to remain a part of the UMC or to disaffiliate.
For further information or to express any concerns or questions, please contact the subcommittee at
Video & Article Resource Library

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Mississippi United Methodist Church, FUMC of Yazoo City, Mississippi –’ve&vld=cid:fbb4fc51,vid:TBdmEdO2jrM